Top 5 Places You Don’t Wan’t to be With Your Mom

Every kid that can’t stay home or was tricked into it doesn’t wan’t to go shoping with your mom.From Walmarts to Yard Sales no one wants to be there with there moms!

Dollar Stores

I hate these things.Yeah you can get great deals at them,But your mom geting the whole gosh darn sale is to much.


Ok other than Home Depot This is the best store ever.But no kid loves the hours of Grocery shoping in walmart.Going to walmart with a spend happy mom can get really anyoing. 

Yard Sales

If you been to one of these things with your mom you know.

Mall/Clothing Stores

I’v never been to a mall like that in my life,and never plan to.Well at least not with my mom.

Antigues Stores



Sorry I couldn’t find an image!Any way It may not be your mom that spends hours in here,but it is as heck my mom.

Well In storms last post he said he couldn’t post on tuesdays and thursdays so I guesse thats when I going to start posting.


2 Responses

  1. You can post any day really, lol nice I like
    this post. And I have been to a mall like that except
    only 3 floors it had a whole shop for hot salsas

  2. I like wal-mart.. Grocery Shopping isn’t fun but wal-mart is a nice place… 🙂

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