Top 5 Coolest Guitars


I have finally decided what I will do with the polls thing. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will post a poll in a sticky at the top of the site, so you always know where it is. Also I made an e-mail, so you can e-mail me stuff about this site. I will update the pages on how you can e-mail me posts to put on, ideas, anything really.

My Top 5 Coolest Looking Guitars


I think this is just an idea, but its sweet



This looks something like out of the game Brutal Legend



Its a foot!!!



This is glass, AMAZING



well this is a Guitar Hero or Rockband guitar but I like it





2 Responses

  1. Gutiar hero is a fun game,but come on.

  2. Holyness, the first one and the glass one are AWESOME.

    Purple-horned rhinoceros.

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