New Header!

Yoy have probably noticed the new header made by me!!!!! I know, I made it ALL by myself, no turorials or anything. So I downloaded yesterday and tinkered around with it for about an hour and had no time to post. Today I started a header that I wanted to look like this


But I wanted something for my own. Today I started the header

Layer 1- Graffitti picture I found, Cant really see it

Layer 2- The Green and lighter green, transparent so you can see Layer 1

Layer 3- The Splat, this took me a while to find a site where you can make one,, I used that and put it in and took all the white out and finished with an outline

Layer 4- The name, I just blurred it and gave it an outline



2 Responses

  1. Hey,Sorry I’m not posting,but I’m really busy and my account has been suspended.Why?I don’t know.

  2. Hey Storm! I wanna enter your contest… please e-mail me, Bye!


    P.S: Great header!

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