5 Cool Fish Tanks

Yo.Today I’m doing cool fish tanks,just in case if you didn’t read the title.


If some one shot that…..






I think thats very clever.



Top 5 Fails


Here are the Top 5 Fails Part 2. I have realized my posts arn’t as high of quality as they usually are. I am trying to fix that and have really good posts. I am in one of those weeks where you have a test in like every subject so I have had to study and stuff. Now I can be back to my amazing posts. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 5 Fails Part 2






Lol I love failblog, and if you dont I will find you


Top 5 Fails

So I’m sure everyone has heard of Failblog.org by now, so here some of my favorite fails. Part 2 is coming soon to a website near you

Top 5 Fails Part 1











Top 10 signs you’re at a lame Halloween party

So I was around the Internet and if you have ever heard of David Letterman’s top 10 lists. Well I found a hilarious one.
Top 10 signs you’re at a lame halloween party
10.Domino’s delivery guy shows up with your pizza and wins “Best Costume”

9.When host runs out of fake blood, he stabs you with a fork

8.Scariest thing at the party is the expiration date on the onion dip

7.Only snack is pumpkin innards

6.Balloon Boy just urped all over the rug

5.Some guy named Shecky shows up wearing a mistletoe hat

4.The only person there is Regis

3.”Bobbing for apples” inadvertently becomes “bobbing for the H1N1 flu virus”

2.It’s the middle of February

1.Guy in Bernie Madoff mask leaves with your wallet

This is property of David Letterman not me all goes to him

Top 5 Candy

It’s right after Halloween and I am sure a lot of people went trick or treating. I know I did, it’s a ton of free candy. Anyway abcd made a post like this, but it was wrong. These are my top 5 candy bars


#5 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

#4 Starburst

#3 Snickers

#2 Butterfinger

#1 Kit-Kat

5,000 Hits!!

WOW WE JUST GOT 5,000 HITS! For this occasion I will post a couple times today AND tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to try to post 3 times!

For November look for this new stuff:
-New Header
-Updated widgets
-Pages fixed
-New admins
-And more…
That’s what’s coming next month, but some of it could come as early as tomorrow but all will be out by November 1st

Thanks all you guys!

Top 5 Cool Logos

Hi,I haven’t been posting for a while but I’m gona try to post more.

Today Top 5 Cool Logos.

5  Just duckin’ Around

4 balloon chef

Balloon Chef

3 Push The Bottle


2 Cool Beans



Thats it,go.Get out of here!But don’t forget to come back!