Monday Top 5


So for the next 3 days I post 3 times a day. I have like 30 ideas for posts, not even kidding so I have a lot for the rest of the week and beyond. Haven’t made this in a while, but here are the TOP 5 SONGS FOR THIS WEEK, we are now using iTunes instead of billboard cuz I like iTunes more.



Lady GaGa




Jay Sean Feat. Lil Wayne



I Gotta Feeling

The Black Eyed Peas



Whatcha Say

Jason DeRulo



Party In The USA

Miley Cyrus


So there are the Top 5, look for the other 2 posts coming!

Plz make a post with a link to us or stuffz like that


Top 5 Funniest Blogs

Thanks to RazorEdge for the idea. If you have an idea just comment on the “Ideas” Page. So you might be wondering why I haven’t posted a funny post yet, well here it is 😀 .  The blogs in this post can’t be “Big Time” Blogs Like icanhascheezburger and all their sites.

Storm’s Countdown of the Top 5 Funniest Blogs

At #5

Because I could only find 4 (you know how you see like 500 funny blogs when your not looking for them, but when you are you can’t find any) The Stormz Top 5 and More

The site you are currently on…hopefully


Coming in at #4




This is a really cool Blog. I found myself laughing a lot when looking through their posts. They post a lot 1-3 times per day, So Congrats on being Number 4, THE LAUGH MACHINE


Here at #3

The Ninja Laugh

Laughing Ninja


This site is like The Laugh Machine. The Laugh Machine and Ninja Laugh are tied, but one has to be #3 and one has to be #4. I chose this one as #3 because I found it had funnier posts than The Laugh Machine, and it has a ™ in its title and you can’t go wrong with that. Congrats on #3, The Ninja Laugh


Guess Who, At #2


luhy and drk


Luhy and Drk are running a really good random, funny site. They have a really good design for not having CSS. They have been doing this for over a year and are always posting. A plus is they have good songs playing on their Mixpod Widget and an AMAZING I am not even kidding header, it has sweet animation to it. Congrats on #2 Luhy and Drk


Finally here at #1

None other than, The Panic Button

Sssaam, Cstarr, Sreimer, Pablo, and Jjacobb


This is a great Funny Blog run by 5 friends. Usually only Sssaam posts though but the others post also. This blog has a really good CSS for their site and have a domain. They are nearing 500,000 hits so visit them a ton so they can get to 1/2 a million hits. The 2 best things about this site is that they have like 15 pages of awesomeness and usually post 1-3 times a day. They have a YouTube, ThePanicButtonBlog if you want to see their videos. They just simply blow the other 3 blogs away. Congrats on #1, The Panic Button


So I hope you liked this post, it has over 400 words in it if your counting. Make sure to visit all of these guys sites to help them with hits and comment.

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New Stuff


So I enabled ratings for the site, so now you can rate my posts, hopefully you will rate high. Make sure to rate this post 5 Stars or maybe 4 stars because it has limited pictures. Anyway I am looking for an author for this site. If you want to be an author just comment below and I could pick you, yes you to be the new author

As an author you should post about every 2-3 days, hopefully more


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Posts Coming Soon!

Hey Guys!

I made this site August 13th and havent done anthing really on it until today, august 22nd thats 9 days. So I am

going to start posting probably Monday because I am sorting out all the Widgets and possibly making a header so

during my limited time on the computer I wont have time to post. I play Soccer so I have games and stuff tomorrow

so thats like the whole day.