Not Coming Back

Guess I am done with blogging for now…

Changes 1


Okay here is part of the change we are going through. We will be back around 1-1-09. Our new name will be Only Everything, or something

like that. It will just be a blog with



-Video Game News

-Random Pictures

Just a couple different things. I dont know, but when AIOS comes out in July 2010 I might have to stop

because I kind of took the idea from them.

So yeah 1-1-10 to 7-2-10 this site will be the place to be!



I have not been posting, because I have decided to quit this site. I will be posting again after the new year. I am totally changing the site, and it will no longer be a top 5 site. Can’t give you much details, but it will be really cool and keep checking back for more posts and updates on what the new site will be.